Tips for making the most of your parental leave


9. Keep a ‘Daddy Bag’ stocked and at the ready.

This is the dad equivalent of a mother’s nappy bag, but using a bag that dad doesn’t feel embarrassed to take out in public! The daddy bag is stocked with all the key ingredients that you need to have with you whenever you walk out the door with your bub. Key items for packing include:

  • Spare nappies / diapers
  • Wet wipes and hand sanitiser
  • Bib
  • Snack food e.g. mumm mumms, baby food
  • Dummy / pacifier
  • Spare change of clothes including socks, shoes and leggings (so they don’t rub their knees raw when crawling on hard surfaces)
  • Milk bottle (with pre-measured formula if relevant)
  • Water bottle
  • Kid safe sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Toy(s)
  • Spoon

You may even want to keep several such bags packed so there is always one ready to grab when walking out the door. You may want to keep a Daddy Bag in the car, another in the pram and a third option in the cupboard to simply give you more options for getting out the door faster.